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 ====== Food Stuff ====== ====== Food Stuff ======
 +===== DIY Peanut Nut Butter =====
 +Cafeteria uses PB's Nuts Creamunchy, which is **double** the price of Whole Foods. Wow. https://​​store/​cbsnuts-non-gmo-creamunchy-peanut-butter-8lb
 +Also, the Olde Tyme grinders specifically don't do smooth somehow, after talking with sales rep on phone. ​
 +Mom says strong motor. Comparison: https://​​compare-kitchen-aid-stand-mixers/​. https://​​clk/​app/​d/​vancouver-kitchenaid-mixer/​6887335168.html
 +<​blockquote>​WOO HOO!The answer is yes. Having read a number of homemade peanut butter posts, and coming to the conclusion that no one was brave enough to take a chance ruining their mixer or attachment, I took it on myself to try it with the meat grinder. I used the small plate. What came out in just seconds, looked like spaghetti. On closer inspection it is just smooth, slightly grainy peanut butter. No strain on the mixer. I ran it through a second time. It came out with a sheen that indicated the nut oils were being pressed out of the nuts in the process.
 +I have used food processors. The drawback is that even the heavy duty food processors will burn out if you do it too often. It also takes a while to do it this way, and can be a pain to clean up.
 +I bought two different models of Nostalgia peanut butter machines. Both work but not optimally.
 +The Kitchen Aide mixer with the meat grinder is a very simple and fast way to make peanut butter with no additives (just peanuts). I'm ready to sell my other attempts on craigslist.
 +Note: peanuts are actually very oily beans. They are not hard, and as the oils are extruded, the knife is lubricated. As I stated, no strain on the mixer at all.</​blockquote>​
 ===== Mexican Candy ===== ===== Mexican Candy =====
 Someone gave me some Pulparindo in a bag of other candies. Awesome :-). Someone gave me some Pulparindo in a bag of other candies. Awesome :-).
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