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 ===== Resins ===== ===== Resins =====
 Coloring a clear white, acrylic paint looks good: https://​​resin-resin-resin/​how-to-color-clear-epoxy-resin/​ Coloring a clear white, acrylic paint looks good: https://​​resin-resin-resin/​how-to-color-clear-epoxy-resin/​
-===== Supple Tires =====+===== Suspension Losses ===== 
 +Good article... 
 +==== Supple Tires ====
 https://​​2018/​01/​03/​12-myths-in-cycling-1-wider-tires-are-slower/​ https://​​2018/​01/​03/​12-myths-in-cycling-1-wider-tires-are-slower/​
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