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“She can have fresh fruit as the amount of fructose/glucose in fruit is not high. It's also bound in a food matrix, and with the fibre it contains it doesn't get absorbed like white granulated sugar,” Catsicas said. “It does not cause high blood sugar and a corresponding insulin response. The portion size is important, though: only 100 to 150g fruit at a time and, as mentioned, only 1–2 portions per day.”

Sounds about what I have. I want to drink water, even though my glucose levels are ok normally.

Heart Arrythmia thing (Sept. 2017)

Jay recommends Halperin at Providence St. Vincent's hospital in Beaverton. They ask a few questions and know exactly what's going on.

Getting pre-ventricular contractions every 12-15 beats. Seems like there's a blockage in the heart that it's compensating for, or might be stress triggered too as mom has the same thing.

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