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 ====== All Things Computer ====== ====== All Things Computer ======
 +===== Aunt Sarah Toshiba =====
 +I have the same issue. ​  I used the exact method describe here - Windows 10 Media Creator to upgrade. ​ As I cannot find the 64bit driver from manufacturer of my PC , I use the driver in the following link
 +It can allow to use 1280 x 800 resolution.
 +I downloaded this link before I upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10. Then I ran the program in W 10. Then I went into device manager and told it to update the Microsoft basic driver, looking in the c:\ATI directory for the section marked drivers, a sub directory, and eventually it found the ATI radeon X1200 driver. It took a few minutes to work, but once it did it, it retained and used that driver and W7 high resolution in W10.
 +Why Microsoft couldn'​t do this is beyond me. I now have an ancient Toshiba P200D running really well W10. It did help that I put in  250Gb SSD a year ago and maxed out the memory at 4Gb.
 +Maybe synaptics driver too?
 ===== Screenshot Ubuntu Mac ===== ===== Screenshot Ubuntu Mac =====
 Changed the keyboard shortcut (pretty easy!) to ctrl + alt + 4 Changed the keyboard shortcut (pretty easy!) to ctrl + alt + 4
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