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   * Read ERN mortgage article and sequence of return risk. Prep for financial presentation.   * Read ERN mortgage article and sequence of return risk. Prep for financial presentation.
   * Evaluate Don M. food service investment   * Evaluate Don M. food service investment
 +  * Finish Sankar photo upload stuff
 ===== Big-Picture Realizations ===== ===== Big-Picture Realizations =====
-  * I do pre-judge people of a particular religion or high school. Yikes! ​Get to know them... +  * I initially thought that humanity would be better served by having kids working on more real-world problems than putting a ball in a hoop. Thankfully I think everyone involved in FIRST recognizes this and is open to a better activity to do. However, their current iteration is pretty good. 
-  * +    * Pluses: 
 +      * Guarantees many interesting tasks for people to work on and to collaborate on. 
 +      * Very engaging project (an actual robot!) that moves and is easy to see bugs with 
 +      * Uses all the same tools as on-the-job. 
 +      * Is funner and more whimsical than "​work"​. 
 +      * Provides opportunities for teams to investigate advanced concepts (vision tracking + path planning = auto hatch placement) while not making a large disadvantage to the teams that aren't able to do it yet (can still place manually). 
 +    * Minuses: 
 +      * $2K-4K for parts for robot + kit of parts + competition costs + finals registration ($5k + $5k + $5k) 
 +      * No real opportunity to work on your own non-robotics "​science fair" project. But, that's what the rest of the year is for. And you have everyone on the team to leverage when you have an issue machining a part or coming up with a solution for something. 
 +  * I **do** have pre-conceived thoughts/​feelings about people of a particular religion, background, ​or high school. Yikes! ​This is a great opportunity to get to know them and realize how incorrect your mental shortcuts are. 
 +    * **I** started out envying / judging the Catlin Gabel team for being rich and kinda snooty at the start of the Wilsonville competition (their robot was jaw-droppingly good)As the season went on, we ended up being on their alliance and I got to know some of their team a lot better! I had a great time reading their engineering manual and talking with them in their pitsOne member even wore an AEMBOT t-shirt at Houston! 
 +  * Everyone starts out inexperienced but full of energy. Before you know it, they'​re impressing you with their understanding and grateful for your tutelage. //Just give them time and don't keep them in a box// 
 +  * The kids keep you on your toes. Will is starting to do deep learning things and is interested in path planning. 
 +  * The main reason L'wood does it is because of the opportunities for kids to hang out and rub off on one another. He really appreciates his eagle scout time because it allowed him to see what kids from a functioning family are like. The rest of his siblings are arguably still "​stuck"​ because of his parents'​ divorce, where as he found some role models and was able to ... do different. 
 +=== Pits === 
 +Decorated mini-shops for repairing robots in between matches and to talk "​shop"​ (mechanical,​ programming,​ electrical, strategy, marketing/​design) with other teams. Thankfully teams are open to explaining their robot because they'​re proud of what they did and want to see other teams do a good job too. cooperation + competition =  "​coopertition"​ 
 +Some of the robots are very impressive. (start at 40 seconds, cheesy poofs hatch placement) 
 +===== Liberty Robotics / AEMBOT ===== 
 +==== 2019 Robot ==== 
 +Main goal was to get onto the 3rd HAB, guaranteeing ranking points. Otherwise you'd need to fill a rocket to get an RP, which is hard. 
 +Flip is a really simple way. Eventually turned into triple flip to allow multiple robots to be on the top level of the hab. 
 +=== Other stuff === 
 +Also does suction to get cargo and Chris plays really good defense. 
 +=== Shooter === 
 +L'wood would like a t-shirt shooter.  
 +== Others == 
 +Light up LED things. Nametag 
 +Trinket that clips onto backpack.  
 +== Beach Ball == 
 +  * A cheaper option would be a beach ball, and could use the Magnus effect to have it reach higher in the stands. 
 +    * But is a beach ball useful / fun? Yeah...I guess so. Play easy/fun soccer/​baseball/​with it. Hopefully kids figure out you can patch it using tire patches. 
 +    * However, not as visible as say t-shirts or water bottles. 
 +  * Could add a rubber band around it to counteract the reverse magnus effect. 
 +    * http://​​~bush/​wordpress/​wp-content/​uploads/​2013/​11/​Beautiful-Game-2013.pdf 
 +    * {{:​home:​pasted:​20190423-112451.png}} 
 +  * Also could add a small sticky weight on one side to make it do funny flips on the way up. Or add a small amount of water, which might be a different effect. 
 +    * there any way to have it spin in a spiral? 
 +==== Other stuff ==== 
 +Catlin Gabel mentor that works for Autodesk and does intern stuff too. https://​​between_the_lines/​archives.html
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