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We <at Bethlehem Seminary> aim to enable and to motivate the student to observe his subject matter accurately and thoroughly, to understand clearly what he has observed, to evaluate fairly what he has understood by deciding what is true and valuable, to feel intensely according to the value of what he has evaluated, to apply wisely and helpfully in life what he understands and feels, and to express in speech and writing and deeds what he has seen, understood, felt, and applied in such a way that its accuracy, clarity, truth, value, and helpfulness can be known and enjoyed by others. –Pastor John Piper in Think: The Life of the Mind and the Love of God

I want to bring the future to the present in a number of areas. Learning, developing technologies that will automate tasks, etc.


People Math College Cooking
Cell Phone 3D Graphics git Multi-Touch LED Matrix
buying-a-cell-phone.jpg pyramid5.jpg Git Notes
μC Notes Computer Notes
Random Ideas Router Hacking
  • Places to buy cheap Chinese stuff! MeritLine, DealExtreme (3 weeks to ship),
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