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Multi-Touch LED Matrix Display


Writing only:

  • Twitter Board with LED matrices here, has Arduino library for text
  • Place he got led matrices from Sure Electronics. 125 for a big board >.< and less for a lot of 10, but they aren't 5mm, but might not be able to read light data from it. Want 5mm LED's either way

Reading only:

Reading and Writing:

  • Best discussion on the internet about this stuff. Series of forum postings.
  • Paper by Scott Hudson, HCI Prof at CMU. Patent by Jeff Han.
  • Senior Project at Cal Poly,REALLY EXPENSIVE!! 64×64 pixel board, have to worry about light levels, but pretty good. Need a computer not an Arduino to do that many analog inputs and updates that quickly


Solid Open Source Projects:

  • Monome leds plus buttons, really spendy but good sources
  • Peggy…good for graphics but no input

Possible Games/Apps:

  • Interactive Game of Life
  • Tetris with “touch” controls that always light up on the side
  • Space Invaders…oooohhh… :

Audio Generation

  • NerdKits Theremin Great example of using two timer counters hooked together for high-resolution audio output. 440.5 Hz is now possible, but you have to do some math first… Try to understand/copy their well documented source code and simple functions.


  • Buy red/green displays off of Sparkfun here $7 each . Maybe get some analog muxes too to read/control everything here $3-4.
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