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Finding new music

Generative Music does a great job on minimal music, and the source is on github.

Songs I Like


Mr Roger's neighborhood


  • Rufus Du Sol, Innerbloom. Cool music video too.
  • The Girl and the Robot (Royksopp). Thought-provoking lyrics and video too.
  • Shooting Stars, Bag Raiders. Nice beat. Lyrics not as much.


Oblivion soundtrack? Yeah, first song. Maybe a recurring theme too.

Moments descend on my windowpane (ok, like the first better):

  • Great one. I really like the Boesendorfer Grand Piano patch in Logic Pro.
  • Key of A, but you do D → E. Really good chord is to throw in higher stuff :-). Have fun!Í

Excellent ambient youtube channel:

Imogen Heap What You Say

I'm trying to reproduce the warbly effect. Maybe it's manually and you can't really do that with a justly-tuned keyboard…

Some say vocoder, others say harmonizer. Reason Pro has a harmonizer in Neptune, but I really just want to play around with stereo stuff I think. VST stereo plugin, try out with vsthost

Hillsong Found


Encourage kids to play more than they practice. from Victor Wooten Amazing Grace TED Ed performance

My YouTube playlist

Songs from Wicked. Defying Gravity and For Good.


  • SPEAR. Great for manipulating frequency spectra of sound files.

Melody Searching

They all seem to only search old stuff, probably because we can't teach computers yet what a “melody” looks like in a multiphonic MIDI file?!?!


Not really worship, but pretty cool chords.

  • Hillsong “Found”
  • Ivan Lins “Setembro”
  • ,


  • Connexions free great learning! Basically a bunch of college classes on music theory

Chord Theory





Agape Songs


We Are Here For You

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