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 One that clearly brakes immediately. https://​​watch?​v=0JTCWxjwQjM One that clearly brakes immediately. https://​​watch?​v=0JTCWxjwQjM
 +"​Normal"​ one (although could be modified too): https://​​watch?​v=Veoh3TWLDus
 Download from Dropbox! https://​​sh/​hj57h7cs9hp9exu/​AAAUG-6LRQP4GpwzOlxv9WA2a?​dl=0 Download from Dropbox! https://​​sh/​hj57h7cs9hp9exu/​AAAUG-6LRQP4GpwzOlxv9WA2a?​dl=0
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