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 +===== Maker Faire =====
 +Really fun, especially for kids. Great opportunity for networking and learning from experts about what they do.
 +==== 2019 ====
 +Tinker Camp, kids were quickly making cool stuff with just cardboard, scissors, and tape and loving it. They have adult sessions as well. 2nd wednesday of the month, 6-9 pm, doing hands on tenacious stuff around a story. Would be worth checking out once!
 +Oregon Amateur radio society, wrote down the stuff elsewhere.
 +PDX Hackerspace,​ they even have a building! $40 a month, no problem if unemployed. 24/7 access.
 +===== Doorknobs =====
 +Frequently used doorknob (garage door) has stopped slamming shut. You can tell your manufacturer by looking at the latch. Schlage has no questions asked lifetime warranty on mechanical parts: https://​​a/​11948
 +Georgian Aged Bronze Keyed Entry Door Knob: https://​​p/​Schlage-Georgian-Aged-Bronze-Keyed-Entry-Door-Knob-F51A-GEO-716/​204834188
 +CAS 1705162
 +F51 (new keyed latch)
 +CAS 1749141 is new number
 +===== Small Fixes =====
 +Some things that have helped me fix things and keep them working:
 +  * Shoe Goo for shoes and other things. Doesn'​t dry out in the container like rubber cement or silicone
 +  * If you're getting unreliable power especially when shaken on AA/AAA powered devices, check the battery terminals. The negative (spring/​pushing) end tends to compress over time. Pulling on it and stretching it out again restores the tension on both terminals.
 +  * 
 ===== Intel Beneplace ===== ===== Intel Beneplace =====
 Columbia employee store, can get access through Beneplace. However, don't feel confident the quality is 2X better than Amazon. But might want to check it out Columbia employee store, can get access through Beneplace. However, don't feel confident the quality is 2X better than Amazon. But might want to check it out
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   * And add bold and underlined so it looks professional.   * And add bold and underlined so it looks professional.
   * Good and bad examples here: {{ :​home:​wa-co-special-election-2019_proof-4.pdf |}}   * Good and bad examples here: {{ :​home:​wa-co-special-election-2019_proof-4.pdf |}}
-===== FIRST Robotics Activity ===== 
-==== Engineering Passport @ Houston ==== 
-  * What were the most cool/​innovative uses of programming that you saw at different teams' booths? 
-  * Sometimes there are multiple ways to solve a problem a team faces. Are there any strengths of programming over other methods? Weaknesses? 
-    * One example is our own robot. We needed the strength of multiple motors to flip our robot up onto the HAB, but needed the motors to work together in sync. A mechanical perspective would be to use a steel axle to prevent one motor from turning faster than the other, whereas a programming perspective would be to use encoders and measure the difference in rotation and correct the commanded speed "in software"​. 
-    * Modern systems often combine the learnings of several disciplines to get a superior solution. Did you see any examples of this? 
-      * Bonus Question: Interestingly,​ we were able to combine both mechanical and programming solutions on our robot, but the steel axle used visibly "​churro-ed"​ after a few opening matches at PNW championships. Why might this have happened? 
-  *  
-==== Hands-On Orientation Activity ==== 
-I want to ask the kids, see what they would like to do. Most things they think of are pretty cheap, I think. 
-=== LED strip on X === 
-  * Can use basic design from helmet led strip to put in other places like bicycle or ... gaming computer/​console?​ Kinda spendy at $7/meter, but seems pretty popular. 
-=== Nametag === 
-Really depends on what we want to do... 
-  * $3-4? Cheap and hands-on option is etched plexiglass with top or side led lighting. Can probably power led with aa battery or 3v lithium battery. 
-    * Downside is no customization or animation 
-  * $3 arduino + $5 oled watch display + 3.3v or 5v baterry.... https://​​MakerFocus-Display-SSD1306-3-3V-5V-Arduino/​dp/​B0761LV1SD/​ref=sr_1_3?​keywords=oled+display+i2c&​qid=1554692347&​s=gateway&​sr=8-3 
-  * $15 LED display. Maybe you can send new icons down, but maybe not. [[https://​​VADIV-Business-Rechargeable-Nametag-Restaurant/​dp/​B07CLZM93G/​ref=pd_sbs_0_2/​132-8471393-5973969?​_encoding=UTF8&​pd_rd_i=B07CLZM93G&​pd_rd_r=cdc358bb-59a8-11e9-9d06-a332060cea22&​pd_rd_w=bFdDf&​pd_rd_wg=uNE5G&​pf_rd_p=588939de-d3f8-42f1-a3d8-d556eae5797d&​pf_rd_r=403AJ77XX5N3T6RX981K&​psc=1&​refRID=403AJ77XX5N3T6RX981K|link]] 
-  * $15 OLED + arduino + lipo charging (add $5 for battery?) + wifi https://​​ESP8266-development-Arduino-NodeMcu-0-91inch/​dp/​B074373KTY 
-{{:​home:​pasted:​20190407-193830.png?​300}} ​ 
-  * $20 somewhat light android phone that's normally $50. These are incredibly feature filled and versatile for the price. It's quite silly. 
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