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 +===== Yosemite =====
 +Can take YARTS from Merced/​Fresno/​ few other places to Yosemite and hostels outside. Take bus back to hostel, rinse and repeat for a few days.
 +Whether to fly into Fresno for $500 non-stop round trip or just fly into Oakland for $200 round trip nonstop and drive/take train to Merced and take YARTS.
 ===== Japan ===== ===== Japan =====
-Toyota factory tour in Nagoya. Read a cool article on Takaoka #2. https://​​tech/​26955/​inside-toyotas-takaoka-2-line-the-most-flexible-line-in-the-world+Kiyoko'​s grandma is in Nagasaki. Can take train (Kamone) to Fukuoka airport for $50 and 3 hours. fly from nearby Fukuoaka airport over to Seoul cheaply ($60). Or take a flight, which is even more time and $250.  
 +Toyota factory tour in Nagoya ​(2 hour shinkansen ride from Tokyo). Read a cool article on Takaoka #2. https://​​tech/​26955/​inside-toyotas-takaoka-2-line-the-most-flexible-line-in-the-world
 $500 if you do round-trip to Tokyo through LAX. $500 if you do round-trip to Tokyo through LAX.
 October 1 through October 21-ish preliminarily. October 1 through October 21-ish preliminarily.
 +==== Tokyo ====
 +Good airbnb recommended by Kiyoko: https://​​rooms/​6122133?​guests=1&​adults=1&​sl_alternate_dates_exclusion=true&​source_impression_id=p3_1557612231_cSxfFneC4nvTWSOs&​check_in=2019-09-25&​check_out=2019-10-02
 +==== Mt Fuji ====
 +<​blockquote>​Earlier I saw you looking for pant recommendations for Fuji. When you get to Japan look for stores called Hard Off. Sometimes they'​ll have something else before the Off part like Book Off. Basically they are second hand stores and usually they have great stuff for cheap. You can probably find pants and things there.
 +Fuji isn't that hard. Its just a long slog to the top. Going down is the worst. When your quads are screaming try going backwards. You'll look ridiculous but it works. Last time I did that and lots of people were taking the cue and did likewise.
 +The best hike in the area by far is Kitadake. Look into it. Its an overnighter. There are two hut options. They'​ll have everything you'll need like food, water, and even a sleeping bag. The views from Kitadake are amazing. Fuji is cool because its Fuji but it doesnt even come close to Kitadake.
 +Definitely bring a puffy to Fuji. Its cold up there. They have food and beer up there too. Enjoy!</​blockquote>​
 +  * https://​​blog/​peaks/​180731.html,​ {{:​home:​pasted:​20190529-181819.png}}
 +Offseason train schedule: https://​​bus/​fuji.html
 +Climb Mt. Fuji on shoestring budget: https://​​ShowUserReviews-g298102-d321024-r228191721-Mount_Fuji-Chubu.html
 +  * Map 1 and 2: (from Fuji Mountain Guides) {{ :​home:​yoshida_trail_map.pdf |}} {{:​home:​fuji_climbing_map_all4trails.pdf |}}. 
 +  * I feel like I'd be much more comfortable climbing during the daytime. More windy, but more warm too. 
 +      * https://​​life/​2017/​06/​09/​travel/​pleasures-perils-summiting-mount-fuji-off-season/#​.XOLrg8hKiUk
 +      * But Yoshida trail is off-limits after September 10? http://​​en/​season/​index.html. Nah: http://​​blog/​113-mount-fuji-climb-in-off-season-yoshida-trail.html. Good guide from Tokyo and pictures.
 +        * Bring a dust mask and maybe think about hiking boots ... hmmm...
 +          * One of the main reason for hiking boots is an ankle sprain, but an ankle brace is wayyy better. It actually bonds them together! <​del>​Downhill sucks though for sandals....</​del>​ But you can tighten the front, and most shoes suck downhill.
 +      * If need to insulate feet from cold while raining / snowing, use neoprene booties? $10 on Amazon is probably a lot cheaper than sewing them from leftover neoprene yourself. Not sure... https://​​Lifemall-UMM-Neoprene-Water-Black/​dp/​B00ZZJK1IW?​tag=edgehunting-20 https://​​best-waterproof-socks-reviewed/​
 +  * Another person recommends watching sunrise from 8th station hut, then comfortably hiking to the top in the daytime with a full night of sleep. ​
 +    * Mountain huts numbers and schedules: https://​​eng/​arrange/​travel/​practical/​pdf/​Mt.Hut_Mt.Fuji.pdf
 +  * Another person recommends Nagano for more waterfalls and close together mountains, etc. More like Gorge as opposed to Mt. Hood
 +**More work to do**
 +  * https://​​off-season-two-day-mt-fuji-tour.html
 +  * Fitness, gear, etc. 
 +    * https://​​required-gear.html
 +    * {{ :​home:​fmg_physical_fitness_and_conditioning.pdf |}}
 +    * Maybe $500 for organized tour isn't so bad. https://​​booking.html. Otherwise need to figure out what to book and get it done.
 +=== Hostel ===
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 Immigration to US can be sped up using Global Entry. $100 one time fee. Immigration to US can be sped up using Global Entry. $100 one time fee.
 +===== Laundry =====
 +I like using sinks over a waterproof laundry bag. And...I like just spending 30 minutes and getting laundry quickly out of the way while listening to something. ​
 +This might seem obvious to some, and completely out of the question to others, but it's what I do:
 +**Wash your laundry before going to a new hotel.**
 +I do it in the hotel sink at night before going to bed, and by morning my clothes are usually completely dry. Of course, this can depend a lot on your clothing, and the material from which they are made. I make a point to travel with **quick-drying clothes**, and a **travel clothes line** to make this task easier.
 +Traveling this way also makes it easier to travel lighter, as you can carry fewer items of clothing, as you can always do laundry on demand, rather than waiting until the end of your journey, or when laundry facilities are available.</​blockquote>​
 +//Another option, don't like as much//
 +Can put dirty laundry alongside your clean laundry in same "one bag" travel cubes by enclosing the dirty in...several layers of shopping bags, will minimize permeability over time. //However, if not completely dry (can use clothesline),​ will cause mold if left for a few days//
 +<​blockquote>​Zip lock bags are relatively water tight but not air tight. All flexible packaging has a OTR (Oxygen Transmission Rate) and MVTR (Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate) specification. ​
 +The transmission rates of the compounds (aromatic, in this case) through the plastic barrier are directly proportional to the size of the compound in conjunction with the type of plastic barrier.
 +PET (Polyethylene) has much better OTR values than OPP (Oriented Polypropylene) but more inferior MVTR rates.</​blockquote>​
 ===== Cheap flights ===== ===== Cheap flights =====
-Somehow a round trip from PDX to Tokyo is $500 (one stop in LAX), but going from LAX to Tokyo round trip is $650?+So, occasionally there will be flight deals. See the repeated entries on Japan in "The Points Guy": https://​​search?​q=site:​https://​​deals/​+japan&​safe=active&​ei=Ig3RXMPyMIeJ-gTty6eIAQ&​start=10&​sa=N&​ved=0ahUKEwjDi8H1zYjiAhWHhJ4KHe3lCREQ8NMDCIUB&​biw=1422&​bih=711 
 +  * So I'm going to wait until 60 days beforehand to book and keep my Google Flights email updates at the ready. 
 +    * Hopefully the nonstop round trip won't change from $900. Too bad one-way nonstop is $600. 
 +Somehow a round trip from PDX to Tokyo is $500 (one stop in LAX), but going from LAX to Tokyo round trip is $650? And one way from LAX to Tokyo is also $650?
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 ===== San Francisco / Bay Area ===== ===== San Francisco / Bay Area =====
   * Exploratorium. The Tech Museum of Innovation too?   * Exploratorium. The Tech Museum of Innovation too?
 +  * [[https://​​|Dynamicland]]
   * Computer history museum? Mack recommended it   * Computer history museum? Mack recommended it
   * That fast IT training place. What was it called? You wrote it down in the wiki under learning I think   * That fast IT training place. What was it called? You wrote it down in the wiki under learning I think
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 However, couch surfing lets you meet locals easier and discuss those things at night. However, couch surfing lets you meet locals easier and discuss those things at night.
-Hostel is not that expensive. $10-20/​night,​ hardly can beat it.+Hostel is not that expensive ​for 1 person. $10-20/​night,​ hardly can beat it, unless you have a family.
 ===== 2017 Poland / Eastern Europe Trip ===== ===== 2017 Poland / Eastern Europe Trip =====
 I would like to visit a concentration camp and a city <with bikes> in the Netherlands. I would like to visit a concentration camp and a city <with bikes> in the Netherlands.
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