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Toyota factory tour in Nagoya. Read a cool article on Takaoka #2.

$500 if you do round-trip to Tokyo through LAX. Man…cheap.

October 1 through October 21-ish preliminarily.

USA destinations

Apparently Consign Furniture in Spokane is worth going to again, says Grandpa.

Glenn went to Disneyland with family. Nice to see your kids enjoying it, even if you're grimacing at $9 corn dogs and $450-$600 to stay at the Grand Californian (the nicest resort hotel at Disneyland). Also as adults it's fun. Kelly agrees.


Airbnb is pretty cheap housing too. Almost preferable to a hotel / hostel for 1 person, definitely for 2+ people.

  • Fill out thy profile. Maybe copy from couchsurfing profile? Include wiki and facebook page. Will fix/diagnose computers for free :-)
  • Leave a review.

If you buy a camper, it's around $40 a month for a year long contract that gets you into a lot of trailer parks.


Immigration to US can be sped up using Global Entry. $100 one time fee.

Cheap flights

Somehow a round trip from PDX to Tokyo is $500 (one stop in LAX), but going from LAX to Tokyo round trip is $650? And one way from LAX to Tokyo is also $650?

Award Hacker for points hacking.

Also maybe All The Flight Deals

Great GUI for flexible date travel:

  • Other tools seem to only do +/- 3 days.
  • Need to pick a specific airport for this GUI to show up when you press the date menu:


Mostly in Europe, and you can't find them on other websites. Book two months in advance and on flexible days and you can get RyanAir flights for 1/3 to 1/2 of other flights and they're direct! Downsides:

  • Your schedule is etched in stone at that point, unless they will give you a refund? Not sure…
  • There was a hard plastic ridge on the top of the seat that was right at my head. Otherwise the leather was fine. Maybe use a shirt as padding…

Strategy for next time

Can pack a little lighter. Less toothpaste and more shampoo.

  • Wait, why use shampoo? I understand showering to some extent, but not really either.
  • Don't buy things like eggs/butter unless you really plan on finishing them. Muesli / oatmeal and bread is good enough. Also, don't have to boil muesli, you can just have it with milk?!


One bag checklist:, maybe Doomsday Prepping for less crazy folk:, doomsday_prepping_for_less_crazy_folk.pdf

  • Put key lock on phone, encryption not really necessary. Can get 3G GSM on Nexus 5 North American version. See what cheap phones there are in Poland, but it'd be good insurance to have a data / phone plan for emergency uber ride.
  • Chromebook for light battery-powered all-day plane/train computing as well as portable phone battery charger.
  • Set up beneficiaries for … who?
  • Take picture backups of important stuff. Save on Dropbox.
  • Headphones w/ microphone for calls. Make sure that it sounds good, especially compared to laptop microphone.
  • Are the flight dates right
  • Passport, minimal credit cards, Oregon ID. Emergency 4-5 days of money in case you need to transfer money from U.S. and the debit card doesn't work. 1% transaction fee. Store in middle of backpack. Bring combo lock?
  • Earmuffs w/ label. Ahh, bring work ones?
  • 1 athletic shorts, 1 non athletic shorts.
  • Hurley nice shirt, 2 nicer one-layer shirt. Buying a reversible shirt would be good too, 2 styles in one! Maybe buy one or two there if styles are different? Like that spanish guy at CMU.
    • Wow, he recommends long sleeve linen or equivalent light-colored shirt, more than t-shirts and shorts. See what is at a goodwill in Poland or something. See what it's like in Poland…
  • Deodorant, brushing toiletries. Less toothpaste, more shampoo.
  • Package or two of fancy detergent to remove smells easier. Extra ziploc bags for anything.
  • Belt
  • Nike shoes shoe goo-ed, fixed? Buy sandals there, can't rely on the ones you have now.
    • Stores would be Decathlon or Sportsdirect.
  • Sunscreen
  • 4 pairs of underwear, 3 pairs of socks
  • Target sealable plastic container with spork/knife, just in case nothing is at dorms. But, you can just buy/borrow it when you're there too.
    • Otherwise shopping bags for carrying food is just fine. No fine cuisine here…
  • Pre-load work laptop with some reading / programming / thoughts. OpenCV camera shake tracking thing?

Phone SIM

Cezary recommended one with white text on a blue background. PLAY.

International Calls with Google Voice

For some reason my laptop audio/mic is acting weird, so using Google Voice from home phone. Call GV number, wait for voicemail, then press *. Type in your pin, and follow the instructions to dial internationally.

Visitors office is + 48 58 347 28 28, but housing has one of the following suffixes and closes by 4pm Poland time: 2547 2286 1518

San Francisco / Bay Area

  • Exploratorium. The Tech Museum of Innovation too?
  • Computer history museum? Mack recommended it
  • That fast IT training place. What was it called? You wrote it down in the wiki under learning I think
  • Roller Coaster (California Great America)? or go to the LA one (Magic Mountain). In the winter the crowds will be less. But you'll have less sunlight too. Maybe they still stay open late.
    • Also should ride on the scariest part. Front or extreme back? On deja vu it was definitely the back :-) Or was it the front? :-)

General Tips

Bla bla car

Use cash euros when possible, otherwise use axis or hdfc travel card from centrum online

Cheap to take train overnight, don't need to buy lodging

Ryan air is cheaper

Get walking guide for friendlier cities like amsterdam

Greet people in the local language

Couch surfing might be preferable for meeting native people, although the hostel host will be somewhat native too.

Just don't think international travelers are the native people.

Hostel vs Couch Surfing

Hostel is great for finding people to sightsee with.

However, couch surfing lets you meet locals easier and discuss those things at night.

Hostel is not that expensive. $10-20/night, hardly can beat it.

2017 Poland / Eastern Europe Trip

I would like to visit a concentration camp and a city <with bikes> in the Netherlands.

Bus and transportation mapping service for Poland (


Wikitravel looks really nice!

  • Looks like only SKM train goes to Gdansk Glowny

210 or N3 (night) train is needed, 4 PLN. Going from Port Lotniczy “lotkneecheh” (airport) to Gdansk Technical University dorm, nearby Wrzeszcz PKP station, or “vzesch peh keh peh”.

Dorms numbers:

Look into getting a Gdańsk – Sopot – Gdynia Plus tourist card. Free bus and access / discounts to museums, but only 72h increments, not 1.5 weeks.

Downtown main station is “dvorznek guvneh”, or Dworzec Główny.

Grocery stores

  • Higher end is piotr and pawel. Lower is Biedronka or Lidl.

Muzeum Solidarity, Katowice (amber museum), Moriecki Church, Zuriew by ottowe river

(bike to) Oliwo cathedral, organ, sopot, gdynia maybe, westerplatte (dumplings) (duck dish, with duck soup)

Visit Hel, and kiteboard along there. Can probably rent kite, board, and lifejacket there.

Maciej recommends Helbork Castle (30 miles drive), start of WWII and Westerplatte: (do next time)

Travel to Warsaw/Krakow using Pendolino? Nice and not much more money.


Maciej also liked the Warsaw rising museum: (1944)

Royal Castle, National Gallery, Petec kultury

Wawel castle


Hostel I liked was City Hostel Krakow, older people and boring but good condition. Woodpecker hostel was hopping but underneath a nightclub.

Wieliczka Salt mine

Auschwitz (book in advance)

Hike around zakopane on Sunday (2 hours transit each way). Salt mine on Monday maybe (only takes 3 hours, but is close by), but need to work too.

S1 goes from airport (krakow lotnisko) to downtown (krakow glowny). Last trains at 11:48PM and 12:18AM, otherwise take Uber or bus (902) or something.

Bright and early 7AM to make sure you get to Auschwitz.

You booked Luneta Warszawska hostel.

Doris recommends:

Main square and whole downtown area, Wawel castle and the Wawelski dragon, Walk next to Vistula river called bulwary, Jewish part of the city called Kazimierz, Capital of communism in Cracow called Nowa Huta, Wieliczka salt mine

Sylvia recommends

Hostel gdansk in old town



$130 krakow to munich, 4 hour total flight. $130-160 frankfurt to amsterdam, 1.25 hour flight.

$160 krakow to prague
$130 prague to munich
$100 prague to frankfurt

$30 3 hour train from Munich to Frankfurt (but leaves in middle of day…).

I think Ryanair is sold out for the month of August. Need to book ahead of time next time!


Pick up a clothesline (Wäscheleine) at Globetrotter equipment downtown, maybe a flat sink stopper or using cloth tape too. Floss will work, kinda, but things might sink under weight and the hooks keep the laundry in place.

Train map:

S1 or S8 trains go to Munchen Hauptbahnhof.

Train to Neubiberg is S7 and stays in the same zone but crosses 4 rings. Maybe buy Isarcard for 4 rings for 1 week. Or Just ask :-)


Book an overnight hostel. Can probably leave stuff locked there during traveling.


Need to get a train ticket still. Taking flight. Faster-ish.

Can get wifi at library for a year if you pay 12 euro.

Get to Amsterdam Central Station, there's a train that leaves often.

To get to the hotel (Euphemia Old City Canal) from the airport, take the train to central station in Amsterdam and from there take tram # 16 or # 24, get off on the 5th stop - Weteringcircuit. You are now on Vijzelgracht, turn around and walk back a bit. The Fokke Simonzstraat is on your right hand side.

PAY WITH CASH at hostel at least

Check out NEMO (and roof thing) on Sunday. 10am to 5:30pm


Great option, gets you “seeing” stuff downtown a lot faster. Especially in Munich apparently, you can ride down the Rhine.

  • However, likely I won't just be looking at the outside of things, but going inside too. So walking distance + bus / public transportation is probably fine
  • Consider a guided bike tour?
  • $15-25 a day is cheap??? Maybe it is…I would think buying a folding one, fixing it up slightly, and taking it with you is cheaper/easier. We shall see…


Word Pronunciation Meaning
dzien dobry Good morning
cześć “cheisch” Hello
dobrahnotz same Good night


Crazy crazy


Recommends visiting Krakow (southern poland) for more festive scene than Gdansk. Also visiting Prague as none of their buildings were bombed to smithereens by the Germans as they surrendered early.

Also liked Barcelona, Spain, as the museum (Louvre) is biggest in the world and yady yady.

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