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 October 1 through October 21-ish preliminarily. October 1 through October 21-ish preliminarily.
 +==== Tokyo ====
 +Good airbnb recommended by Kiyoko: https://​​rooms/​6122133?​guests=1&​adults=1&​sl_alternate_dates_exclusion=true&​source_impression_id=p3_1557612231_cSxfFneC4nvTWSOs&​check_in=2019-09-25&​check_out=2019-10-02
 +==== Mt Fuji ====
 +Climb Mt. Fuji on shoestring budget: https://​​ShowUserReviews-g298102-d321024-r228191721-Mount_Fuji-Chubu.html
 +  * Map 1 and 2: (from Fuji Mountain Guides) {{ :​home:​yoshida_trail_map.pdf |}} {{:​home:​fuji_climbing_map_all4trails.pdf |}}. 
 +  * I feel like I'd be much more comfortable climbing during the daytime. More windy, but more warm too. 
 +      * https://​​life/​2017/​06/​09/​travel/​pleasures-perils-summiting-mount-fuji-off-season/#​.XOLrg8hKiUk
 +      * But Yoshida trail is off-limits after September 10? http://​​en/​season/​index.html. Nah: http://​​blog/​113-mount-fuji-climb-in-off-season-yoshida-trail.html. Good guide from Tokyo and pictures.
 +        * Bring a dust mask and maybe think about hiking boots ... hmmm...
 +          * One of the main reason for hiking boots is an ankle sprain, but an ankle brace is wayyy better. It actually bonds them together! <​del>​Downhill sucks though for sandals....</​del>​ But you can tighten the front, and most shoes suck downhill.
 +      * If need to insulate feet from cold while raining / snowing, use neoprene booties? $10 on Amazon is probably a lot cheaper than sewing them from leftover neoprene yourself. Not sure... https://​​Lifemall-UMM-Neoprene-Water-Black/​dp/​B00ZZJK1IW?​tag=edgehunting-20 https://​​best-waterproof-socks-reviewed/​
 +=== Hostel ===
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