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  • How to do character inverse kinematics on the cheap. Popular toolkits are Havok Animation, Euphoria engine and HumanIK by AutoDesk.


  • 123D is a great set of seemingly free tools for Hobbyists


3D Printing


Way cool WebGL demo…makes me want to take Computer Graphics to build my own ray tracer just for fun :-)

Signal Processing Images

  • Univ. of New Mexico Cool intro page that you saw before. Talks about how different images look in the frequency domain. Talks about filtering them as well and their effects.
  • 2D FFT of Goofy :P

Structure Synth

  • Much better than Sketchup for rendering large (>1000) shapes dynamically. For Sketchup, 6-level Sierpinski took 5 minutes, never finished 7-level.
  • Looking into how to export it into a good rendering program. Looks like main two are Sunflow and Blender. However, if other programs recognize .OBJ files, they're good to go as well.
  • Already installed Sunflow, not sure on Blender.

Tut Examples

Cubic Crazy Balls Sierpinski Cubic 2

Sunflow Usage

  • Command Line Usage: (Adjust 4096(MB) to your memory size)
java -server -Xmx4096M -jar sunflow.jar
  • Problem is, changing the camera position is a pain. You have to set it up just right in SS and then export. Luckily, SS has a primitive RayTracer built in.

Google Sketchup Notes

Drafting in Sketchup

  • Possible source for making a rounded cube here



Rendering in Kerkythea

Final Result

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