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  • Our entry to the 2012 MOBOT competition for our capstone class. Here is our final paper that explains some of the tricks of our vision and control system (which is running on an Android phone, by the way!). We went through 3 different bases for our robot, 2 different phones, and learned a lot about how not to make a mobot!
  • We kept screwing up on gate 9 because of a shadow covering the two lines, making our vision algorithm miss the split. So…we looped around and went through the split again and programmed the robot to assume we would catch all the rest of the gates (we didn't test this part), and IT WORKED!
  • I think in the future we could have used a race car body but used dynamic braking (resistor) or a slight negative throttle to brake the car as it went down the hill. The trick was detecting when to do it, but
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